(FEB 15) Jo Perry has penned the new single for Cheryl Cole called "Only human" which will be released March 22. The single is also the title track from Cheryl`s latest CD called "Only human"
(FEB 14) Japanese superstar Namie Amuro and her new DVD album went in at No:1 on the Oricon DVD chart with 3 Razor Boy songs written by Nervo, C.Fast, D.Thott.
(FEB 14) The boyband Cochinsei and their album "Six" went in at No:2 on the Japanese albums chart with the Didrik Thott song Winner.
(FEB 14) Girls Generation went in No:1 on the Japanese albums chart with the album "Love and peace", songs written by Didrik Thott.
(FEB 14) Kat-Tun and their Mini-album "Kusabi" went in No:1 in Japan with one Razor Boy song "Fire and Ice", written by Didrik Thott.
(OCT 13) New Top 10 single in the UK. RCA`s  Union J in at 8 with "Beautiful life" written by Jo Perry.
(OCT 13) Union J the four-piece boy band who participated in X-Factor 2012 and finished in the Top 4 just released their new single "Beautiful life" on RCA UK. The single is co-written by our writer Jo Perry. The song is also included on the groups debut album "Union J" which will be released 28 of October.
(JUN 13) Armin van Buurens new album "Intense" was released in May on Armada Music. The song "Turn this love around" Nervo feat Laura V is included on the album, written by Nervo.
(JUN 13) Henry Lau from Super Junior-M just released his debut mini album "Trap" on SM Entertainment in South Korea, the song "Holiday" is co-written by Didrik Thott.
(JUN 13) South Korean boyband EXO and their first studio album "XOXO" on SM Entertainment entered the South Korean albums chart at No:1 and the Japanese albums chart at No:14 with 300.000 units sold first week. The song and upcoming single 3.6.5 is written by Christian Fast and Didrik Thott.
(JUN 13) Stooshe entered the UK albums chart at No:8 with their Warner Bros debut "London with the lights on", 15 songs written by Jo Perry.
(FEB 13) Congrats to our writers Stefan Örn and Christian Fast for the 2 songs which went straight to the final in the swedish eurovision song contest last Saturday. Örn wrote "Only the dead fish follow the stream" for Louise Hoffsten and Fast wrote "Skyline" for David Lindgren, well done, it means Razor Boy has 20% of the songs in the final, not bad.
(DEC 12) Congrats to Johan Glössner who co-wrote the Razor Boy song "World stand still" for The Tenors in Canada. Their album "Lead with your heart" is NO:3 on the Canadian album chart and have just sold GOLD...
(DEC 12) Exile`s Best of Album "Best hits" entered the Japanese Oricon Album Chart  at NO:1. and have already sold close to 500.000 units in a week. "Rising sun" the mega smash hit written by Didrik Thott is included on the CD. "Rising sun" was one of the biggest singles in Japan 2011 and was also included on "Exile Japan Solo" which sold a million in Japan last year.
(NOV 12) Chris Mann`s debut album "Roads" is out  in the US and Canada on Faircraft/Universal Republic Records. Title track and single "Roads" is co-written by Didrik Thott.
(NOV 12) The Tenors from Canada have  released their new album "Lead with your heart" on Universal Canada. The song "World stand still" written by Johan Glössner is included on the CD. US release will be first quarter 2013.
(OCT 12) Chris Mann the finalist from The Voice America, his first single "Roads" is written by Didrik Thott, it is released today Oct 16 in the US on Ron Fairs new label Faircraft/Universal Republic. The album comes 30 of Oct.
(SEP 12) Stooshe`s smash hit "Black heart" has sold GOLD in the UK....great for us all but biggest congrats to our writer Jo Perry. One of the biggest songs in the UK this year, and more to come soon with new singles, album and releases in various countries for Stooshe.
(SEP 12) New double A side single with Korean mega-platinum selling act Girls Generation  Written by Didrik Thott "Oh/All my love is for you" on Universal. The single entered the No:1 position directly in Japan.
(SEP 12) Razor Boy writer and producer Stefan Örn has written and produced 4 songs on the German 5 piece female act Sinderellas  debut album "Secret and sins" on Warner Music. Released 28 of September in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.
(SEP 12) Didrik Thott/Christian Fast/Niklas Bergwall have written and produced the new single by September which is just released in the US on Robbins Ent.
(JUL 12) NO:1 album in Korea this week by Jo Kwon called "I`m Da One" with 1 song written by Didrik Thott.
(JUN 12) Japans biggest female artist Namie Amuro on Avex came in at No:1 on the Japanese album chart today with the album "Uncontrolled" ,  with 3 songs written by Christian Fast, Didrik Thott, Mim and Liv Nervo, Congrats to all..what a great week for us, Stooshe No:4 in the UK and now this.
(JUN 12) Congrats to our writer Jo Perry who entered the UK singles chart today with the 2nd single from Stooshe called "Black Heart" at No:4, well done, the first single "Love me" debuted at No:5 in March..
(JUN 12) Congrats to Christian Fast, his song "Dilly Dally" entered the Japanese singles chart at No:3 last week with the girlgroup After School (Avex Trax)
(MAY 12) Christian Fast has written 3 songs and Niklas Bergwall 1 on David Lindgrens album "Get started" on EMI. The album went in at No:1 this week on the Swedish album chart.
(APR 12) Swedish newspaper Expressen have listed the worlds Top 10 biggest DJ`s/dance acts, and Razor Boy and our writers have had worldwide hits with the No:1 on the list David Guetta as well as with the No:8 Armin van Buuren, and we have had collabs with Deadmau5, Tiestö and got our songs remixed by a.o Avicii, pretty good payoff and covering for us.
(APR 12) The Razor Boy song "Rising sun" by EXILE written by Didrik Thott broke the 1 million mark for ringtone download in Japan making the song the first to achieve the million mark for this year.
(MAR 12) This is great, a new UK hit for Razor Boy Music, congrats to our writer Jo Perry who entered the UK singles chart at No:5 tonight with the song "Love me" with Stooshe feat Travie McCoy. A great start for the Stooshe girls and more to come for them this year. 2012 just continues with hits for our company, very happy for this..
(MAR 12)
The 4th straight number 1 single in Japan for Razor Boy Music in 5 months.This time with the boyband Hey Say Jump on Johnny`s Ent, Didrik Thott co-wrote it....250.000 singles sold in one week.....
(JAN 12)
Great news and a great start for us in 2012!!! Japanese monster male group, EXILE`s new album, `EXILE Japan / Solo (ATSUSHI's solo album)` got ranked No.1 in Japan. It sold over 350K in the first week.The song Rising Sun included on the CD, is written by our writer Didrik Thott, The song was also a huge NO:1 single in Japan in the past fall...
(DEC 11)
Our writer and producer Stefan Örn has co-written and produced the upcoming album with Swedish blues and rock singer Louise Hoffsten on Warner Music which will be released 18th of January 2012. The new single "I`ll get by" is just released.
(NOV 11)
After one week on the chart, another number 1 single in Japan for Razor Boy, the 3rd straight in 3 months, "Knock knock knock" included on Sexy Zones CD single (Johnny`s Ent) 173.000 singles sold in 1 week, Didrik Thott has written the song..
(NOV 11)
New boyband Sexy Zone on Johnny`s Entertainment and their single CD went in at No:2 on the Japanese singles chart today with 58,000 units sold the first day. The song "Knock knock knock" written by our writer Didrik Thott is included on the CD single. Next week we aim for our 3rd straight No:1 single in Japan in the last 3 months...
(OCT 11)
GREAT NEWS, we have the Record of the week on RADIO 1 with STOOSHE "Betty woz gone" (Warner Bros) written by our amazing writer Jo Perry, great start for this act...
(SEP 11) Great times, another straight number 1 single for Razor Boy in Japan the last 3 weeks. Didrik Thott co-wrote EXILE`s new single "Rising sun" which entered the Japanese singles chart today at NO:1, this is a huge charity song for the Fukushima earthquake catastrophy.....Congrats to all of us..
(SEP 11) Another number 1 single on Billboard Club/Dance chart for Razor Boy. The Nervo penned song "Put your hands up (if you feel love)" by Kylie Minogue is topping the chart this week.
(AUG 11) KAT-TUN's single CD debuted No.1 on the weekly Japanese chart with 150k sales. "Cosmic child", included on the CD single is written by Razor Boy writer John Hårleman. John is also a member of the EMI group The Pusher, which is releasing their great debut album end of August.
(AUG 11) Our writer John Hårleman who also is a member of the band The Pusher have just released their debut CD "The Art of Hit Music" in Sweden, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. You can download it in Sweden now as well on ITunes..
(AUG 11) BIG CONGRATS to our songwriter Jo Perry, yesterday she signed her amasing girlgroup Stooshe to Warner UK with CEO Christian Tattersfield for the world. Jo has developed Stooshe the last 2 years and not only written all songs, but also been the creative mind behind everything as regards the group.
(MAR 11) The song "Bambi" written by Miriam and Olivia Nervo with Anders Bagge and Andreas Carlsson for Japans biggest artist Kumi Koda (Avex/Rhytm Zone is included on her new album "Deja Vu" which entered the Japanese album chart at Number 1 this week...Congrats
(FEB 11) Congrats to our writers Christian Fast, Didrik Thott and Niklas Bergwall for their 6 songs on Septembers new CD "Love CPR", which went in straight at No:1 on the I-Tunes album chart in Sweden this week. The album has been certified GOLD already. Niklas Bergwall has written the upcoming international single "Me and my microphone" as well.
(FEB 11) Kobalt Music Publishing is our new world wide (ex Japan) sub-publisher/administrator for the entire Razor Boy roster and catalogue. We have had the Nervo sisters sub-published by Kobalt for USA/Canada since before, and now we are happy to be extending and expanding our working relationship for the entire planet earth excluding Japan.
(FEB 11) We are very happy to inform that we`ve just signed one of the most talented songwriters in the business, it`s Jo Perry from London/UK. Jo collaborates with some of the UK's best producers at the moment including Labrinth with whom she wrote 'LOVE DRUNK' with for Loick Essien.She has also developed her own group for 18 months over FutureCuts tracks.Jo is now ready to take on the UK and other markets.
(OCT 10) The summer has been great on the charts with Razor Boy cuts. We have had songs on 3 multi platinum albums on the World album chart Top 30, 4 songs on David Guettas "One love" album including the super smash "When love takes over", 2 songs on Keshas "Animal" album and 1 song on Kylie Minogues
(SEP 10) We have 3 songs cut on the new Armin van Buuren album "Mirage"on Armada, released last week world wide. We also have the first single from the album called "Not giving up on love" Armin van Buuren featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor, all 3 songs written by Mim and Liv Nervo...
(JUL 10) Mim and Liv Nervo have written the song "Put your hands up (If you feel love)" on Kylie Minogues new album "Aphrodite" which debuted at No:1 on the UK albums chart. The album has charted in the top in many other countries as well around the globe, It also just peaked at No: 2 on the World Albums Chart.
(MAY 10) Didrik Thott has written the song "Nothing" on Warner Bros US debut artist Charice debutalbum. Her album debuted at No:8 on the Billboard 200 album chart.
(JAN 10) Mim and Liv Nervo have written 2 songs on KESHA`s debut album "Animal" which entered the US Billboard 200 albums chart at NO:1. The songs are "Boots and boys" and "VIP". The KESHA album will be in the top of the charts all over the world in the coming month. Mim and Liv Nervo have also written the song "Don`t waste the pretty"on 2009 American Idol number 4 Allison Irahetas debut CD "Just like you" which debuted at No:35 on US Billboard 200 albums chart in December 2009.
(JAN 10) Razor Boy Management and Publishing have just finalized a licensing deal with our band Apollo Drive for North America with Robbins Entertainment. The first single "Papercut" will be released in the spring 2010. We are right now in negotiations with labels regarding licensing deals for the rest of the world for the band as well.
(SEP 09) Congrats to our singer/songwriter Pernilla Andersson for her entry today at No:11 on the Swedish album chart with her new album "Ö". Pernilla is touring Sweden right now and we are looking forward to see and hear her at Nalen 1 October, be there.......
(JUN 09) NO:1 IN THE UK......We are right now enjoying big success with our writers Mim and Liv Nervo and their song "When love takes over" with David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland (Gum/EMI Music). The song is a SMASH and is right now topping the UK Top 75 Singles chart as well as the Irish singles chart. The song is entering the top of the charts in most countries at the moment and is becoming a huge song for the summer everywhere.
(JUN 09) Didrik Thott has co-written the song "Coming home to you" for the pop act Sweetbox (Warner Music Group) on the new album "The next generation" which was released in Japan the 10 of June. The album debuted at #24 on the Oricon Overall Charts and debuted at #6 on the Oricon International Charts. Amongst other credits it peaked at #7 on the iTunes Japan charts and hit #1 on PC download site MORA's international chart.
(JUN 09) Didrik Thott has co-written the song "The sound of missing you" for dance/pop act Ameerah, the single is just released in the US on (High Clazz/Robbins Ent) and is starting to pick up well (club and radio) already
(MAY 09) Mim and Liv Nervo have written the new smash hit with David Guetta feat Kelly Rowland "When love takes over" (EMI). The single is just released world wide.
(MAY 09) Christian Fast has enjoyed success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the last months with the hit "Undress to the beat" by Jeanette Biedermann (Universal). Christian wrote the single which has been a Top 10 in Germany, the song is also on her album "Undress to the beat".
(MAY 09) Didrik Thott has written the new single "I want it" by Brad Johner (On ramp/EMI Canada), the single was released 4th of May.
(MAY 09) Didrik Thott has written the first single from Idol runner up Jason (Sony Music) in South Africa, the single is "Break the silence" and is being released in May.
(APR 09) Peter Sjöström wrote and produced 5 songs on the Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg´s Gold selling album.
(APR 09) Didrik Thott also wrote the first single from Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg (Sony Music) called "Streetlights" which has been a hit in Sweden during the spring, the album is Gold.
(APR 09) Didrik Thott just had a No:1 in Japan with Kat-Tun (Johnny Company) and their single/EP, he wrote the song "7 days battle".
(APR 09) Peter Sjöström wrote and produced 5 songs on the Swedish Idol winner Kevin Borg`s Gold selling album.